Report – Mod Apps and Games Problems

We want to hear from you! If you have any feedback or problems with a game or app on our website, please use this form to report it.

Why report a game or app?

We want to make sure that our users have a positive experience with our website. By reporting games and apps that are not working properly or that have other problems, you can help us to improve the quality of our content.

What kind of problems should I report?

You can report any kind of problem with a game or app, including:

  • Crashes
  • Bugs
  • Performance issues
  • Missing features
  • Inappropriate content
  • Anything else that prevents you from enjoying the game or app

How can I help to make my report more helpful?

Please be as specific as possible when describing the problem you are experiencing. If possible, please include an image or video that shows the problem. This will help us to identify and fix the problem more quickly.

Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your help in making our website a better place for everyone.

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